Our Vision


Today, advanced technologies are used in production on a global scale. Production speeds and efficiency are increasing dramatically, which is a clear sign that humanity has finally left the era of scarcity and entered the era of overabundance.




At the same time, international e-commerce and logistics networks can easily export products to all parts of the world. Global commerce has found itself in the era of fierce competition and low profits.




Driven by costs and efficiency, global operators are rushing to replace human laborers with machines, thus decreasing labor hours needed for production. The process of acquiring new skills and finding re-employment is far slower than the rate at which human jobs are being replaced with AI.




Workers exchange their labor time for income. As labor time is diminishing, the gap between the purchasing power of laborers and the speed of production is becoming wider, which hinders the sustainable development of the economy.




The world needs to build a bridge between businesses and workers which will let them collaborate and share wealth – so that we can build a sustainable market economy founded in healthy competition.




Our goal is to build a wealth-sharing ecosystem to let operators and consumers create and share business value together, indefinitely.




We classify the needs of global producers into three categories: advertising, market research, and sales. We turn these three needs into three types of paid business tasks and deliver them to consumers in the form of crowdsourcing.




Consumers use their social networks to form teams of business partners that cooperate and complete business tasks released by producers. Consumers share wealth with producers, forming an ecosystem that creates and shares business value in a sustainable way.




Due to significant price fluctuations, Bitcoin cannot be used as a reliable internet currency; but as the world’s safest and most reliable digital asset, it is the best distribution carrier for the global sharing of business wealth.




Bitcoin links producers and workers around the world into an ecosystem. In the future, producers will only be responsible for production and services, while laborers will be responsible for promotion and sales.




Suppose you will have 100,000 merchants (operators), and each merchant (operator) will bring 100 consumers (workers) to participate in the shared business ecosystem. Each consumer will receive an average of $2 rewards per week for commercial tasks. This way, a total of more than 1 billion dollars of business wealth will be distributed each year.




Based on this, the increasing price of Bitcoin will reflect the increasing amount of commercial wealth allocated by the ecosystem to consumers (workers).




Having experienced The Industrial Age, The Age of Electricity, and The Age of Information, humanity is starting its fourth industrial revolution: the era of the intelligent division of labor. While the first three ages were driven by the upgrades of production tools, the current one is driven by the smart integration of global resources and efficient distribution.




We believe that society will rise to unprecedented levels of business collaboration. The business-sharing ecosystem will replace traditional companies and become the main carrier for creating and sharing commercial value.




To make this vision a reality, we license our wealth-sharing ecosystem to operators globally and provide customization and development services, as well as consulting for commercial operations and technical maintenance.

We believe that by rooting the ecosystem through local business partners worldwide and utilizing the global influence of Bitcoin, our efforts to promote online collaboration and commercial wealth distribution will be realized very soon.