Welcome to our collaborative shared wealth economy.


Combines market research, entertainment,
rewards and financial success


Online Product Sales Application

Merchants sell their own or suppliers’ products
online and give away bitcoin rewards

Shopping Bus

An innovative branding tool and a customizable
product catalog used to distribute digital assets
rewards on consumers' purchases.

OK Renwu

Freelancers offer paid services online
and give away Bitcoin rewards


A commerce marketing platform
that rewards customers for purchases, referrals
and actions tasks with digital assets.


Freelancers offer paid services online
and give away Bitcoin rewards


MMO management-type game where
players earn Bitcoin by in-game trading
and investing.
Our services
Technology Development
We offer technology development for Bitcoin-based commercial crowdsourcing task-and-reward systems:
  • Basic Framework and Underlying Architecture
  • Desktop and Mobile Apps
  • Back-end and Interface Management
  • Data Optimization and Network Security
Technical License
We license our existing products to companies operating worldwide.
Our technology license fee comes from the income of the operating company.
  • Use our brand
  • Recruit local users
  • Receive your independent operator income
Operations Consulting
We provide our expertise and services in the following fields:
  • Technical Operation and Maintenance
  • User Security Measures
  • Legal Compliance Advice
  • Market Operation Strategy
Additional Services
We offer the following added value services based on the needs of operators:
  • Payment Instrument Integration
  • Website Design and Improvement
  • User Data Migration
  • Application Data Statistics
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